There was a time in my life when I would write, write, write. I wrote stories and this was back when I didn’t have a computer or even know of the internet. I was just beginning to think of having my own business and was feeling very spiritual. As a matter of fact I felt special, kind of like I had a gift that made me different then anyone else. I could do things no one else could do I was a savior of some kind. Sounds a little egotistical don’t it. Well I would take some part of my life or someone else’s an then turn it into a short story and have an outcome that had not happened yet and to everyone’s surprise it would come true.

I know you’re wondering where I am going with this. Just be patient you’ll see. As time went by I grew more and more inpatient to do what I felt was my calling I wanted to help people and be a great person of sorts. I decided to answer an ad in the paper for psychic readers. I didn’t know really anything about reading cards but those who knew me said if I just went and tried what would it hurt. My future telling stories were pretty good and accurate so I should try, what did I have to lose. So I went

The lady I read for was amazed. I was shocked. I got the job. I was on my way to my life’s journey.

This was 25 years ago and I have been looking and trying many different roads on my way to where I am today. I have had many discovers and growing experiences all which have led me to U University and my Fairy God Mother. Where I am now a Student and Life Coach. What I discovered 25 years ago but (what I didn’t have a name for) is that I am a natural Empath. I not only feel the emotions of others, I can see what is going on with their true emotional state, the ones that they hide and our afraid to show. The ones even they don’t know they are truly feeling.

What a wonder thing it was when I find a school that would help me expand on that and teach me to uncover and heal my own emotional past so that I can continue to do what I do best… help others see and now heal theirs. You see I could see theirs, see the future if they didn’t change the path they were on, but didn’t have the tools to help them heal and move to another path, and couldn’t (because I didn’t know how) to help them change the future. I began to feel like I wasn’t a very good person. I began to feel all my clients’ pain and didn’t know how to get rid of it. I had very bad thing happen in my life and felt I was out of control. I stopped helping others, because I was hurting too much inside and couldn’t help myself.

That is when I found Maia Berens. That is when I found the place that would start showing me how to help and get back to the real me again. I love her with a love that a child has for a parent. I trust her completely and believe with my whole soul that she has been given to be by the universe to help me heal so I can continue to do what I was designed to do…..Reflect…. Reflect back to others their true self. I am a Reflector. I show others their true self’s. They see in me what is in them. I am healing my past so I can help others heal theirs. I am finally on the road I was meant to be on. The time was not right. But it is now. I am where I was meant to be. And I am finally learning how to be a Whole Tiana again.