This is a very sad day, not just for me but for someone that was going to be my client. Why am I not surprised at I saw this coming but it still brought tears to my eyes when I read what she had to say and that she was not going to continue in the University. I knew the first time I talked to her that what she was in embarking on a change that she probably was not ready for. But I was ready to hold her hand and walk her all the way through this, I was ready to do this even though I was a little scared myself. It makes me feel helpless when I see someone who desperately needs this University and the help that we can provide to them and yet they are so afraid of what that means and how it’s going to change their lives. They want to change but then there’s somebody or something in their life that is against it.

This was not a game for it was serious business and she trusted me things that she had never told anyone and really had not even faced herself.

What a way to start my first client. It seems that everything that happens in my life is not small. I seem to learn my lessons the hard way. Wouldn’t you know it would be Halloween when this happens. Without infringing on privacy the only thing that I will say is that my client had lost two children and with Halloween meaning  that the walls between the world of the living and the dead is the thinnest and communication is strongest, all I can say is that maybe somehow she will get some relief maybe some answers this I can only pray.

Part of me wants to call her just to make sure she’s okay, the professional side of me says no this was a client just let it go. What to do. Because this is what it’s like to be a coach. Learning how to handle situations that come up. I guess I can see that there is nothing normal in having a client because our clients are not normal. They call us because they need help. It’s kind of like being a doctor and thinking that your patients are going to be healthy, that’s not the case. Our clients are going to be messed up, looking for guidance, looking for help. This was a learning experience for sure especially knowing how very sincere, scared, lonely she was, and her believing I was her last hope. How do you walk away, had do you forget? I guess this is why I have a coach also.

My fairy godmother is right by my side, this is what she does best, give guidance, and love, she is my best support system I could ask for. I go to her and get the comfort that I need and the encouragement to not give up. Not only being a emotion-based coach but a psychic  as well, I am very empathic and can feel the emotions of my clients and sometimes it is so strong that they feel that they are mine. When that happens I must be able to ground and come back to myself. I had gotten out of practice since the death of my own daughter back in 2007. My emotions were so tied up with myself, I could not feel or ground for myself or anyone else. My struggle to find myself has required me to let in other peoples emotions and feelings and start to become as whole I can be. So working with a client who has lost not only one child but two children, brings up old feelings and emotions that I needed to keep in check in order to do this work. But that is why I became a coach to begin with because I know what my clients are going through.

So this Halloween will be one that I will remember, and it will be lessons learned and a new beginning for myself and those I coach. So happy Halloween everyone, and remember Spirit is with you always.