Well I just got back from an AA meeting with my son, fiancé and their kids. All before trick or treating. Shawn (my son) got his 90 day chip tonight. His was proud. I was proud.

I don’t normally go to his AA meetings but I felt compelled tonight to go. It amazes me at times how we are always in the right place at the right time and not the other way around. We are never at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is not how the universe works. So anyway after the meeting started I told Shawn that after he had been tagged and talked to tag me I had something to share. He looked at me funny but said ok.

I needed to tell someone about how I am going through the 12 step process in my University, and where I was at with the steps. I explained a little of what I do and about having a coach, which is similar to having a sponsor.

I was amazed how better I felt when I was done and how after the meeting people came up and thanked me and they loved how I supported my son by doing something similar and helping other people as well.

The focus at the meeting was on the seriousness of our addiction. I was reminded just how serious the addiction of being and staying emotionally handicapped can eventual cause your death. Both mentally and physically. So I just want to say to everyone who has not taken the steps to start the healing process… Don’t put it off it’s your life and the only one you have this time around. Take care of it, please, for yourself and those that love you.

Blessing and Happy Samhain