My son is home now from his 3 months at a sober living house his parole officer put him in. She was proud of him and how he has done. So am I . He completed everything she wanted him to do and then some. He only had to go to 1 AA meeting a month and he went every night an don weekends. Without even being asked. He found the ones he liked all by himself. He had never been in programs like this before and was unfamiliar with how they worked. He doesn’t have a drinking problem, it was drugs so he felt uncomfortable going but he soon found people he could relate to and is going to continue now that he is home. It has made such a difference in him I cant believe it. He is humble and doesn’t have an “I am in control and don’t really have a problem” attitude any more.

             It is good to have him home. Soon he will get married and be able to have a home of his own. I want that. I love him to pieces but it will be good for him to have his own place. He picks on me a lot. In a good way I guess but it drives me insane not the less. He is a clown and always doing things to be funny. The sad part is he is funny most of the time, and it is so hard to get mad at him. But I am glad he is happy to be with me. A lot of parents are not that lucky. I have a couple of wayward children myself and it is a hard place to be in.                                   

            But today is a happy day and that is where I chose to be. For today I will be happy and grateful for what I have, not think about what I don’t have. This is what is important to me. So much to be thankful for and that place is where I am the happiest.