I am Selfish Enough to Want to Feel Good

 You cannot perceive life from any perspective other than from that of yourself…. Selfishness is the sense of self. Unless you are selfish enough to care about how you feel and therefore direct your thoughts in such a way that you allowing a true connection to your Inner Being you have nothing to give another anyway. Everyone is selfish. It is not possible to be otherwise.

 The Garden

 The mind is like a garden: it must be tended to prevent overgrowth. we should spend a few moments each day pruning the garden of our mind. Remembering that each discarded flower head we give a new bloom a chance to grow. And with each weed that we pull up we make room for fresh green grass. Statues in our garden might represent each days achievements and a fountain might flow as a symbol of positive energy.

I have finished my training program at You University. I am now a certified Emotion-Based Life Coach. I am so excited to do what I am meant to do. Show people who they truly are by healing passed suppressed emotions so they can see who they really are, and how they were meant to live.

I have learned so many wonderful things and have a bag full of tools I can use for the rest of my life when I start to fall back into old ways of thinking. I have learned to love  and forgive myself as well as others which is a truly freeing experience. I have also learned about Human Design a concept I was just exploring when I started You University. Only to find that Human Design was also talked about by my Coach in You University also.

I want to share Human Design with the world. To show people how they were Designed to correctly make decisions so life will always flow for them and what they purpose on earth is. To show parents how their children were designed so they can learn and understand how their child thinks and help them live their Design.

It has changed my life forever. Once you know and experiment with your Design, you wont want to make decisions any other way. Once you know for yourself through experimenting with your Design… who you are and what your purpose on this earthly plane is, you will find a more correct way of living for yourself. Life will find new meaning and understanding. Life will make sense.

I will continue to give information in my blogs about finding out who you really are.