Minister GirlIn existence since 1959, the Universal Life Church is headquartered in Modesto, California, and has congregations around the world.  The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church.  ULC ministers come from all walks of life and spiritual traditions.  Our common thread is our adherence to the universal doctrine of religious freedom:

“Do only that which is right”.

Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom.

The Universal Life Church wants you to pursue your spiritual beliefs without interference from any outside agency, including government or church authority.

You may  become a legally ordained minister  for life, without cost, and without question of faith.

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is the only religious and spiritual denomination in the world which opens its doors to all and welcomes all who ask to get ordained. The ULC Monastery grants ordination without regards to an individual’s religious and spiritual beliefs. Over 20 million ministers have become ordained online worldwide through ULC ordinations.

The Universal Life Church provides a broad level of support to you whether you will be officiating at a wedding or are planning to start your own church. As an online ordained minister of the ULC Monastery, you will fully possess the legal status to officiate at marriages, perform baptisms, or preside over funerals and burials.


The Universal Life Church Monastery invites each of its ministers to define religious terms as they see fit, but for the purposes of this guide we shall define the following.

Religion,” as ULC Monastery defines it, is a method by which a sentient entity can bring out some profound beneficial change. The ULC Monastery prefers this definition to all others because it encompasses all world religions as well as most other less prominent faith systems. One interpretation of this definition is that all religions have a way of expressing that humankind at large has some flaw.

  • The flaw makes all who possess it unsatisfied
  • The flaw is the only cause of dissatisfaction
  • A specific faith system is a way to relieve the flaw

(Please note that while many definitions of religion will cover major world religions, this particular definition also respectfully applies to non-spiritual faith systems such as atheism.)

The Universal Life Church Monastery strongly believes in the rights of all people from all faiths to practice their religious beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, be they Christian, Jew, Gentile, Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid or even Dignity Catholics; so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others and are within the law of the land and one’s conscience.

We ordain ministers, priests, rabbis and clergy worldwide who are totally non-religious or even anti-religious. This may seem contradictory, but we are looking to change the negative perceptions of religion, faith and spirituality, by encouraging people to take control, stand up and speak truth to power by fearlessly stating their personal religious beliefs. The ULC Monastery seeks to fulfill the spiritual needs of as many different groups as we can by offering a wide variety of services, ordinations, information and networking opportunities.  We teach that the communication and fellowship of our ministers is equal to the once a week sacramonious fellowship in some of our most segregated and elitist churches.

We further proclaim that “We are all Children of the same Universe” and as such we each have a right to be here. Thus said, that is the way that your God and Mother Nature planned it.