Resistance is a hard one. There seemed to be so many things that started to come up in my life to stop me from starting my transformation. Everything was getting in my way. Well the only thing getting in my way was me! But I didn’t see it. My brain just couldn’t grasp that I was creating the resistance. Only the times that I consciously knew I didn’t feel like studying did I understand resistance.

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Only when I was  honest with myself and saw how the guilt of letting myself down…again, was manifesting itself in my life, was I willing to do the work necessary  to make those changes possible. Just having the desire to change wasn’t enough. I had to have a way to change my thinking.


The limitations we carry from our childhood along with ones we impose on ourselves can leave our mind feeling very fearful which results with resistance.


I really wanted to love myself unconditionally, but fear and guilt were holding me back. I needed to learn how to hold myself accountable when I promised to do something. I had no problem doing that for others, but when it came to keeping those promises with me, well lets just say I believed I was last on the list and (according to my conditioning) only if I deserved it.  So what do we do?


I found putting affirmations on my bathroom mirror helped me with my fear. Words like “It’s not my fault” or “I am beautiful” were staring at me everyday. But I didn’t just look at them; I SAID the words, out loud. I was told a long time ago that words and thoughts are vibration, and if I wanted to find a balance with both my words and thoughts, they had to be in sync with each other. This helped to remind me daily of the work I was doing, both on myself and for myself. I learned more tools to cut through some of the resistance, and it became easier and easier to keep my commitments.


I had a date with my true self and I was not allowing my resistance to stand in the way one more day.


When my clients are having trouble with change and they feel nothing is working I share my story with them. I suggest they give what I did a try. I let them know it is not going to be easy, our minds don’t like change and it will do anything it can to keep us stuck.

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Stuck in a rut of resistance.


But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. The first step to change is to realize change can happen. The next is to realize that what you want or (desire) is not always what your mind wants, so in comes resistance. Then you need the tools to make the change happen and the support behind you to seal the change in place. You can tell yourself “yes I know I have resistance” but that wont cause change, not without changing your thinking. And sooner or later, if left to its own devices, it will turn into complete and unchanging, denial.


If you are ready to change your thinking so you can be the person you were meant to be and live the life you deserve, I can help you achieve your goal.  Come see and experience the difference a thought can make. You are so worth it!


Tiana Lynn

YOU University