With a heavy heart and the burdens of a hard life, a man shyly walked up to the doorstep of God. Curious and slightly intimidated, he lightly tapped on the golden veneer of the Almighty’s magnificent front door.

After a few uncomfortable seconds of silence, he thought to himself, How odd, Maybe God did not hear his knock, so he rapped on the door just a little bit harder. Again, there was no answer. Confused, as one might expect, the man began to knock louder and harder. Still, there was no answer.

His anticipation turned into worry. His worry turned into fear. His fear turned into desperation.

Panicking, he thought to himself, Does God not hear me? Is He ignoring me? Why doesn’t He answer? Where is He?

Yet all the while, although the man did not notice, God was patiently and lovingly watching this man claw and fight and pound in desperation.

Still, The One did not speak a word.
Like a two-year old throwing a temper tantrum, the man began begging and pleading with God to open the door. He clawed, scratched and kicked the door. But God did not open the door.

The man continued to kick and bang on God’s door. He made great promises in hopes to barter his way into the house of the Lord. He yelled at God. He threatened God with their very relationship! And God watched with persistent love. Firm in His resolve, He did not open the door.

In what seemed like an eternity to this man, he sat down at the threshold exhausted and spent from his roller coaster ride of emotions. Tears streaming down his face, and breathing heavily, he decided it was time to rest. He came to the uncomfortable realization that God was just not going to open this door for him no matter what he did or said.

His actions, his words, his begging, pleading and promises yielded him nothing in return.

And God patiently watched with all the love that only He could give. This man will come to the correct, divine and perfect solution in due time.

As if a light bulb flashed in his head, the man stood up! He took a deep breath and began to smooth out his clothes. He took out a handkerchief and dried the tears from his eyes. Carefully, he took hold of the glorious handle of God’s front door and gently turned the knob.

The door was unlocked! With a small push, he opened the door and peeked inside. His heart pounded with curious excitement. ?Hello?? the man queried. No one answered.

Nervously, he slowly opened the door all the way and tiptoed inside the threshold where he saw the most magnificent sight! Everything he had ever wanted from God was there for him, unmoved and unspoiled; just waiting right there for him! Oh how his heart sang!

The man thought to himself, Why did God not answer my prayers? Why did I have to wait until I stood before the kingdom of Heaven in order to obtain those gifts I’ve always wanted and needed from Him?

And the answer came to him as natural as breath: The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you. Not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find Me.

Everything I ever needed was within me all along! He thought.

Do not look outside yourself begging God to open the door for you. Open your own doors. Be the co-creator you were designed to be. Choose your path knowing that the choices you made were divinely laid before you.

Go forth, co-create and realize all the potential of The Creator. His gifts are your gifts just waiting to be shared.


Tiana Chase