I received this from my friend Meg and wanted to share it with you. This is part of the blog I did the other day about the Solstice and the Full MoonI found it so interesting and exciting that I had to share it.394951_498174326895609_1076497968_n




“What powerful times we live in…the photon light consciousness is revealing the truth of who we are, why we are here, what we came to do…never before have human Souls transfigured their bodies from density to luminosity. The light infusion during the Solstice Stargate awakens higher consciousness…a cosmic remembering of our divine destiny.

The Ascension Wave dissolves the veils of time and duality, eliminating the membranes of amnesia so we can become our full Soul Presence now. The Full Moon in Sagittarius met with the Galactic Core this week – shining a bright light on universal Truth.

Mercury has been slowing down in reverse since June 7th – and when Mercury is unusually slow it’s a good time for reflection. This week Mercury is hovering in the last degrees of Gemini…a hotbed of historical events including Sept 9/11. No wonder the media is full of news about Iraq, the neo-cons, Bush and Cheney and fear of terrorists. All that was hidden is being reviewed and revealed in the Light of Truth!


This Solstice Stargate is ushering in an Ascension Wave of Truth! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I learned this morning that this year’s Solstice lands in the 10th Mayan Cycle, which ends on the day 5 Ahau – a time for seeing life from a higher-plane perspective.

So put on your psychic goggles – the veils between the worlds are getting very thin right now, enhancing psychic abilities. It is a great time to dream, to create visions of your future and work more directly with your Spirit Team. Take an active approach with direct questions and requests for help and support. Ask your Higher Self to help you evolve past negative habits and areas of your psyche that may be stuck. We are surrounded with so many wise Light Beings, they are working with us day and night. Invite the galactic Light Language into your being, to help you live in authentic Truth!

The days leading up to the June Solstice on 21st is a powerful time to clear out our past history, disconnect from old timelines and complete our involvement in the dark Matrix. As we step away from the past, we can disentangle the web from our bodies, clear out the toxic decay of time and density, and liberate ourselves as Sovereign Beings. Many of us have been going thru an intense purging of the old 3D body energetics.  I literally can feel the old decaying energy pushing down my leg circuits and out my feet. We are decomposing the old coding and consciousness to liberate our Light Body inside.

We’ve also been working with our human psyche and healing the past trauma from our mental body and inner mind. Our mental body that has been under constant attack in the Astral Plane, as well as persecuted in the earth plane. We’ve been so focused on healing and mending our emotional and physical bodies…now is the time to focus healing on our abused and battered human psyche. Many of us actually have the patterns of PTS – post traumatic syndrome, which needs to be healed.


Our human psyche does not yet trust we are safe or fully bridging into the New 5D Earth realm. Our mind is still holding onto the world reality of destruction and disappointment. It is time to move into a new space of hope, excitement, and empowered living in our New 5D Earth. If you are called to seed your Intentions on the day of the Solstice, you can register for our Global Meditation broadcast Click Here.”



Meg Benedicte

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