My passion is Recovery. My deepest belief is that we are inherently healthy and whole and that are basic nature is always to strive towards that 14768_491575340931364_1330527360_nhappy healthy existence. But the one thing that all of us will face at some point in our lives is loss, and the emotion that goes with that loss is called grief.

Experiencing a significant loss in your life is a difficult and seemingly overwhelming process.

The grief that we suffer in response to such a loss, while natural, can be a terribly anguishing emotional reaction to live through.  Often times we cope with these feelings of grief by pushing them aside and ignoring the pain, causing us to repeat destructive or unhelpful patterns and develop build up emotional baggage which has negative consequences in our lives.

Know that: “Unresolved Grief is Cumulative, and Cumulatively Negative”        

And although we may know this on some level, recovery frequently seems so far out of reach.  In our search for ways to give support our society has developed over time a series of myths which do not help and can make things even worse.

Friends, family and acquaintances are too often, more than willing to share and expand on these myths.  We have been taught after a significant loss that we should:

Stay busy,  Replace the loss,  Be strong,  Grieve alone and in private, Wait it out,  “Time heals all wounds”  Just deal with it,   And many more such falsehoods.

These myths will keep us stuck.

However, emotional recovery is within your grasp.  You do not have to be “stuck” with the myths.  While the journey to recovery requires an open mind, small steps, focused attention, motivation and courage, you can start making correct choices with the right information and support.  These choices and actions will lead you through the process of recovery.

And that means: That your memories can be happy without always turning into pain, That there is joy and laughter again, That you can be sad when you need to and talk about it without worrying about how others respond, That you can find new meaning and purpose in your life, That you CAN go on

While death and divorce are obvious causes of grief many other experiences have been identified that can produce grief.

Examples of these are

Loss of healthLoss of safety,  Moving ,  Loss of a pet,  Loss of a significant relationship,  Addictions,  retirement,  menopause,  financial changes, empty nest,  loss of trust, and many more

The steps on this path do not have to be taken in the dark, or alone. I have been where you are now. My journey through grief was long and hard I spent many years looking for recovery and a way to be healed. As a You University Coach I can walk you through the steps, encouraging and supporting in any area that is needed along this path. I am only a phone call or e-mail away to start assisting you in your choice to take the first step along the Path to Grief Recovery

Holding You Close