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 I signed up with a program called Spiritual Cinema Circle after learning about it from Bob Olsen. It is a wonderful Company that you should check out if you like to watch programs about spirituality. I wrote to a psychic-medium who was on one of the movie programs they offer about my experiences of my daughter visiting me after passing away. I am feeling complied to share both my story and the response I received.

Sarah agae 15

      My daughter, My Best friend

Love Never Dies

At at age 19, Sarah my youngest of 7, died suddenly from complications due to having sepsis. There was a 6 year gap from her and the next sibling so by age 12, all of her brothers and sisters had moved out on their own and Sarah was the only one at home. We were best friends. We were very close. She was my last child and I wasn’t ready for her to move away. There was a wisdom that surrounded her and everyone she came into contact with, felt it. She was happy and smiling all the time. A joy to be around. We went everywhere together. So when I lost her, I felt I lost a part of myself as well. I was so grief stricken, that I felt I physical could not go on living. My body was going to shut down and I couldnt possible ever be a real person again. I had lost my husband 7 years earlier to suicide and I did not see myself living any longer either.

Sarah age 16

Sometime shortly after her death a friend coax me out to eat. I saw a young lady walk up to order and even though she was older then 12 she looked like my daughter when she was 12. The same hair, glasses, clothes, all the way down to her laugh and smile. I was in shock. I made my friend look and they saw it too. I had to talk to her. I had to know who she was.

So my friend went over to her and introduced himself and explained the situation. She immediately got up and came over to me and put her arms around me, and hugged me, just exactly the way Sarah would. We talked and I showed her Sarah’s memorial picture and she started to tear up. I asked her name and when she said April I began to cry. April is the name of my oldest daughter, Sarah’s favorite sister. When we said goodbye I watch her leave so I could see what car they got into. she had just vanished. She was no where to be seen.

Sarah age 6

I have had dreams of Sarah a few times where I can see her and what she is doing but she never talks to me she only waves and keeps walking usually with friends. But she always is the age of 12 or 13. Until one night. I was having what I call a “Sarah Moment”. I was grieving hard and asked Sarah to come to me as I was falling asleep. She did and it was intense, like no dream I have ever had.

She showed me Heaven and took me on a tour of where she lives. She told me some very wise things, and she showed me people that I was angry at and who I blamed for her death. When I saw them they were grieving for her and she said I needed to forgive them so I could move on and live and that they were having to learn their lessens and she was part of those lessens. I was asking her questions about Her Heaven and she explained that Heaven is what ever you want it to be. She loved the mountains so that is what it looked like. I asked her why she always looked 12 years old. She through her arms out to her side, looked down at herself and said “Oh This!” and she spun in a circle and when she came full circle she was 19 again.

She said “I can be what ever age I want its just that 12 was the happiest time of my life.” She then said the oddest thing to me. She said I needed to get large amounts of cellophane. I had no clue as to what she meant but before I could ask her why, we were in a house with a xmas tree as big an at least 20 ft tall. There were little creatures which I could only guess were what we would call fairies flying all around the tree. When I asked her what was going on she said they needed help putting things on the tree. But it was so big and tall I was never going to be able to help. She told me just think about it and it will be. As she walked away she said “I love you Mom, enjoy yourself I have to go.” She then walked through a different door and was gone. Sarah and I filming her school proformance  Age 13

I didn’t know what to do, but I could feel myself starting to be lifted up off the ground and float to the top of the tree, watching the little beings working and putting lights and sparkly things in and around this tree. All of a sudden I was at the top of the tree and the realization hit me that I was going to leave this place. I was being pulled away and knew I was going to wake up. I didn’t want to go. It was so peaceful and I wanted to talk to Sarah some more but it was happening and I could not stop it.

Sarah Being Silly Age 9

When I awoke I was wide awake. I was happy and could not wait to tell someone I had seen Sarah, I was in heaven and she talked to me. I got dressed fast and ran downstairs to tell my roommate’s what happened. They said it was just a dream and that because of my falling apart the night before it was not unusual that I would dream of her. I disagreed. I was sure of it. There was no question in my mind that I was with her. I think the part about the cellophane was what sealed the deal for them. It was the only thing that didn’t fit.

Sarah and I on Halloween Age 12

A week or so went by and I went to see one of my other daughters Harmony, and told her about the dream, when I got to the cellophane part she stopped me and said “hold on mom, you are not going to believe this.” She left the room and when she came back she had the biggest roll of packaging cellophane I have ever seen. She said “I found this in one of the apartments we were cleaning and I don’t know why I took it but thought I might need it someday. Here take it” I didn’t know why I needed it but I took it because I saw it as a sign from Sarah, still not knowing Why I would need that much cellophane, But Sarah had said “large amounts of cellophane”.

Sarah and her big sister April at my wedding to David Age 12

A year went by and I had forgotten all about the cellophane. I was working on my deck putting up temporary windows of plastic for the winter, when I realized I was not going to be able to see out to my yard because the plastic was so thick. As I was thinking what I could do I remembered the roll of cellophane I had. So I thought “why not’ and got it out and made a window out of it. It looks great and now I call it my “Sarah Window”. I think of her every time I look out that window.

I am a psychic of 40 years and a Spiritual Life Coach and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Sarah is not gone. She is happy, wise and still has a sense of humor. She could make you smile even when you didn’t think it possible…. and she does. Blessings and Peace Tiana-Lynn

This is the reply from one of the pychic-mediums at Spiritual Cinema Circle

Melanie Jade, posted on November 24, 2014


Sarah and her big brother Shawn at April’s baby shower age 16

Wow Tiana-Lynn! What an amazing story! I love how you mentioned the cellophane sign – sometimes we get signs and messages that we don’t understand right away. Someone who doesn’t have the experience you do may think that it nullifies the other messages, but it always makes sense eventually. I loved the story of her showing you what her heaven looks like. I’ve heard that as well from the spirits I have communicated with – it seems like everyone has their own version. It’s just like life – some people think it’s great, and some people think it’s a trial.

Sarah and I in 2007 at April’s House party. 2 months before she died. Age 19

I was moved by your story, and I bet other people who really need reassurance that their loved one is still around will read your story and feel comforted by it. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

Sending you love 🙂 –

Melanie –

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