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My Heaven

Today as I was taking care of my ducks my mind started to wonder, like it always does, and I thought about how children and animals seem to be much closer to spirit and heaven then we are.  Their innocence and pure unconditional love, in my opinion, is the reason for this.  I was thinking about a movie I watched called “Heaven is Real” a true story about a four year old little boy who while having a very serious life threatening operation experienced being in heaven.

I found myself wondering if his experience would be similar to the one I had of visiting Sarah.  And it wasn’t surprising to find the similarities fascinating.  This was an amazing thing for this little but he wasn’t the one surprised by it, the people who really were affected by it were the adults. They said they believed in heaven but began to loose their faith because someone (a little boy) might have experienced it.  Why is it so hard for us to believe there might be a place that is all love and completely accepting and non judgmental. We tear down what we don’t understand, because we don’t understand.

With so many things that I personally have experienced (which you can choose to believe or not) I know heaven is real, and that what ever you perceive Heaven to be, or whatever belief you choose to follow that is what your heaven will be.  If you see heaven as a paradise then that is what you will see. If you see it in the desert then that is what you will manifest. Free will, free choice, always.

We are here to have a human experience. We come as a perfect Spirit to learn and experience the many facets of Human emotions. Through our conditioning as young children we soon forget where we come from and can lose our memories as perfect loving spirit beings but as we grow and learn and find our way again we have the ability to get back to that place of love. To complete a cycle back to the beginning of where we started… Where it all began… and we go home.

Animals are not here to experience emotions, nor are they here to grow in their spiritual evolution. They have chosen to come and help us by giving us reminders of who we really our and giving us opportunities to experience pure and unconditional love, a little reminder of where we come from.

So the next time someone cuts you off on the highway, or your dog chews up your favorite pair of shoes, stop and remember you’re here to learn, experience and grow so why not thank them for being your teacher and reminding you why you’re here.

Just my opinions

In love and Light